How to Create a Sitemap

Halo bloggers! do you know Sitemap? what is sitemap? Or you have created a sitemap to your blog? Very Nice! Sitemap just like table of content. Like on Google webmasters, sitemap indexing all of your Blog posts.
But, How to Create a Sitemap? How to create Table Of Content? Is creating a sitemap hard to do?? NOOO!! creating sitemap is so EASY! Just copy and paste this script code below:
<script src="">
</script> <script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc">

With this simple Script Code, all of your POsts will be veiwed like a Table Of content. Down forget to change the RED CODE With your BLOG URL. You can see some Blogger Sitemap Sample here:

Happy Blogging!!
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